Beautiful Wooden Home Goods Made By Hand Including Record Storage and Display, Shelving, and Other Accessories and Home Decor

The Story

Rob, Clark, and Rich Porter have a love for collecting vinyl. From early hot and heavy love to longtime sit-in-comfortable-silence love, they savor visits to the record store, the excitement of a new find, and the look and feel of a collection. Most of all, they enjoy the ritual of choosing an album, letting the needle drop, and sitting back to enjoy.

As their collections inevitably grew, the usual bookshelves and entertainment units weren't cutting it anymore. The last straw was the day Rich's dog transformed several of his records into chew toys. So he set out to find a solution—one that was 1) high-quality and stylish, 2) designed for records, and 3) would get his collection up off the ground. There wasn't much. He ended up getting something custom built by a local woodworker and, although the end result was great, the process took close to 6 months and required professional install. 

So he called Rob, a guy with a lot of experience in carpentry and woodworking. Rich laid out an idea for storage and display shelving designed for records that was easy enough for any unskilled dummy (e.g. him) to install. Something that was made from quality wood materials by hand that would appeal to those with minimalist taste who like to know where their stuff comes from and the story behind it. Something that could grow with a collection, but also would work for books, plants, pictures, etc. And, something that could get record collections off the ground and away from the dogs. Okay, that's a little specific, but bending down, squatting, sitting on the floor: Who wants to do that every time you put on a record?!

"Can you make something like that?" Rich asked. Rob's response: "Yes, yes I can". 




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The French Cleat System: Easy Install in Any Space


Using a design-forward take on the classic French Cleat system, installing a Deep Cut unit is as easy as mounting a level board to your wall. With the wall cleat secured, the matched cutouts at the back of your unit drop right on and off for quick placement or removal. If you have access to a drill, you can handle this install. And we don’t mess with flat-packing or weirdly-specific tools, so once the wall cleat is up, the shelves are ready to be dropped on. And if it ever comes time to remove, the patch work is easy: mounting typically leaves just two small holes per wall cleat, each the circumference of a pencil. These can be easily filled, leaving the wall looking good as new. (Or, at least as good as before. We haven't been to your house.)


Wall Cube Specifications


SHELF EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 15 inches tall x 15 inches wide x 13 1/4 inches deep

SHELF INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 13 1/2 inches tall x 13 1/2 inches wide x 12 1/2 inches deep

WALL CLEAT DIMENSIONS: 4 inches tall (at tallest point) x 17 1/2 inches wide x 3/4 inch deep. Mounting holes pre-drilled 16 inches apart (3/4 inch from each edge) which lines up with drywall studs in most modern construction homes.

CAPACITY: 50 to 65 vinyl records fully loaded

WEIGHT: When empty, they are approximately 13 pounds (including wall cleat) per unit. Fully loaded with records, typically 50 - 70 pounds (depending on records) per unit.

MATERIALS: Walnut or Hard Maple (additional options in the works!)

ASSEMBLY REQUIRED? Absolutely not. Ready to install right out of the box


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The Team

Two brothers, Clark and Rich, and a cousin, Rob, started Deep Cut for one simple reason: To make cool stuff from quality stuff that they would want. They all grew up within a two mile radius of each other but went on to lead very different lives, geographically and professionally. When the idea came, they finally saw the opportunity they'd been looking for to work together. (Okay, so, that’s two simple reasons.)


Rob Porter

The mountain man with the skill, the craft, the beard, he's our story’s hero. Rob is the man behind the design and manufacturing of these quality products. He’s been making stuff with his hands since before he could walk. Professionally, he has spent over a decade doing carpentry, woodworking, framing custom homes, doing hardscape projects, and, well, pretty much anything. He’s one of those guys. Rob runs production and quality control of any and all Deep Cut products. He's the newest to the vinyl addiction of the group, but the bug got him good. When he isn't making stuff or spinning records, he's likely with his equally bad ass wife, Kera, fly fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, rafting, or pretty much anything cool you can do outside. Secret Skill: This guy can cut a rug. He isn't formally trained, but when he hits the dance floor, people take notice. The guy in the room that everyone else is gathered around listening to, that's generally Rob.

Searchin' for a Rainbow - The Marshall Tucker Band

A Rob Deep Cut: "Yea man...El Camino" - Brad Pitt - The Mexican



Clark Porter

The operations and the numbers man, he’s the practical dreamer who keeps the other two on planet earth. With a background in politics (used to advise on tax legislation in the US Senate), finance (Fortune 50 company), and an MBA (that he was paid to get), he's the real deal. He's here to make Deep Cut run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Easy right? Before you go picturing the wrong thing though, this guy also used to be the lead singer of a hardcore metal band. He was the first vinyl collector in the group and knows how to sniff out great finds without paying a fortune. When he's not mapping processes or working spread sheet magic, he and his charming wife Beth can often be found at a brewery or winery, on top of a mountain, travelling somewhere amazing, or visiting the world's most obscure tourist attractions like the Shreveport Waterworks and Railroad Museum. He also makes a hell of a craft cocktail which can often be found in hand while records spin.

Current Favorite Record: Bustin' Loose - Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers

A Clark Deep Cut: "Today I'm offering...legless never have to walk em...can't run away..." - Jargon Scott - Sifl & Olly Show


Rich Porter

All things marketing, customer service, keeping the ship on course, and figuring out what that course should be, it's his problem. With over a decade in marketing, he's worked with or in one-person startups to Fortune 100 companies doing the big and strange (like helping to create a virtual tug of war between two countries to promote a TV show) to the small and tame (like helping a magnet manufacturer sell more neodymium magnets online). Most of this took place while he and his better half, Cassy, did an 8 year stint in New Zealand trying to master phrases like "sweet as" and "she'll be right". Cassy is actually responsible for Rich's vinyl "problem" after buying him his first record player many years ago. She had no idea what she was setting in motion. When not listening to or buying records or making sure Deep Cut products are getting into the right hands, he and Cassy can generally be found hiking, swimming, at a craft brewery, trying a newly opened restaurant, or generally ruining hipster neighborhoods and activities for those that created them. Not on purpose, it just happens. 

Current Favorite Record: The Nashville Sound - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

A Rich Deep Cut: "Making a good cup of coffee, dad, is like building a great house..."- Ben - Dr. Katz


Why "Deep Cut"

DEEP CUT: A (deep) opening or incision in something made from a sharp-edged tool

We make stuff out of wood. And we cut that wood often and in a lot of ways. This one is pretty self-explanatory.

DEEP CUT: A track (or "cut" in a record) that occurs late within an album, often making these tracks less known and often obscure

We started this out of a love for records. For new popular records. For old forgotten records. For all kinds of genres. The enjoyment of discovery is unmatched, so we love to find out about the deep cuts from anyone who is willing to share. It's all part of the fun. So don't forget to share your must-haves / must-listens either. We're always looking for new territory. 

DEEP CUT: Reference to an obscure or less accessible artwork, opinion, movie, TV show, or similar

We like weird obscure stuff. From early viral internet videos, to forgotten 80's (and before) movies, to TV shows that most people have never and will never hear of. But we like the forgotten, whether new to us or not. Feel free to share obscure goods with us anytime.

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