Beautiful Wooden Home Goods Made By Hand Including Record Storage and Display, Shelving, and Other Accessories and Home Decor
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Handcrafted, Beautifully Designed Home Goods

Deep Cut designs and makes simple, attractive pieces to help people get more joy and use from their homes. Our products are made by hand in Minnesota with a minimalist approach. Hardware-free construction. Strong, subtle joints. Attractive hardwood materials. Simple to use. We make pieces for people who care about quality and how things are made. People like us. And it all started with records…

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Deep Cut Vinyl Record Shelves

Your vinyl deserves better. These wall-mounted cube shelves are designed to store and display vinyl records. Handcrafted to the last detail, they can be mounted on virtually any wall surface getting your collection up off the ground at eye-level. Easy install that anyone can handle, more space when you need it, and a clean simple Danish modern inspired design that looks good in most any space.


Handmade in the US with Quality Hardwood Materials

Deep Cut products are made by hand in the U.S. (Minnesota, to be exact) with quality hardwood materials we source from local suppliers. With painstaking attention to detail and sturdy construction, they're built to handle a full load of records and then some. Your collection—or whatever you choose to display using a Deep Cut shelf—is safe while you browse for your next spin or admire from across the room. 


Not Just for Records

Yes, we designed these for vinyl records. But there's plenty of other uses. Fill them with plants, books, pictures, use them as clothing cubbies, throw your power tools in there (well...maybe not), or make one into a whisky bar. The cube is the limit! Whatever they're holding, they'll look good doing it. 

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