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Building Your At-Home Bar: How Do You Get the Most From the Least?

For the Deep Cut team, it is hard to beat a good cocktail and a spinning record. This is a simple guide on how to do the most with the least with your in-home bar. From essential spirits to useful accessories to simple setups, a home bar should look great and allow for delicious drinks and fun experimentation without having to stock every obscure liqueur and spirit in the known universe. Simple, fun, attractive - that’s it, that’s all.

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"Cube Shelves?" Why We Like Clean Lines and Rich Materials

The basic tenants of Scandanavian design and minimalism are that design should be unostentatious and functional. It should avoid “preciousness” and focus on being useful in everyday life. So instead of detailed ornamentation, minimalist designs are spare. These came to be for a reason.

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