Beautiful Wooden Home Goods Made By Hand Including Record Storage and Display, Shelving, and Other Accessories and Home Decor


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WHAT DO I NEED TO INSTALL? A drill (preferably powered), a level (can get this on your phone), and that's about it. A pencil may help. 

WHAT KIND OF SURFACES OR WALL ARE THESE DESIGNED FOR? A wide variety including drywall (studs or with wall anchors), brick (within the brick or the mortar if it is solid enough), concrete, and plaster. Every wall is different, so knowing the age and condition will be important. The provided hardware, assuming your wall surface is in good condition, is rated to handle approximately 2 to 3 times the weight of the units fully loaded with records. If you’re not sure about the surface, talk to us or consult a professional.

HOW DO I REPAIR THE WALL AFTER REMOVAL? Most of the hardware or install methods leave holes not much larger than the circumference of a number 2 pencil. There are lots of simple patching products available to fix holes this size, but it will depend on the surface. As repairs go, this is certainly on the lighter side

WHAT MAKES THIS SOLUTION BETTER THAN OTHERS? This option is easily wall-mountable so you can get your collection, and yourself, up off the floor. These are modular and can therefore offer options of a collection of 30 or a collection of 300. The're made by hand by real people with real skill in the US from quality attractive material. We set out to make what we wanted and couldn't find.